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Getting started, use my road bike?


44 yo former couch potoato, have started just this year, riding various loops from my house for fitness and relaxation. I've purchased a new Trek 1200 road bike, which I really like. I ride about 100 miles/week, always with hills, mostly in the evenings. My average pace is about 13 mph (slow?)

I'm interested in a bit more adventure and I'm wondering if my bike is appropriate.

The bike has a triple 52/42/30 front ring and 12-25 rear cassette. Tires are 700x25. Wheels have spokes all around (whatever you call that), not the racing type wheels. It's a stock 2005 model, except for upgraded pedals.

1) Supported rides like BRAT (Bike ride across Tennesee)? Do folks carry panniers on this kind of ride? Handlebar bag? Just a seat wedge? Is that kind of ride the best way to start?

2) Weekend overnighter at a motel? I guess you would need at least small panniers, right? The Trek has braze-ons and eyelets on the back and eyelets on the front dropouts, so I guess you could mount racks? Fenders would be a problem, it looks like.

3) 2-3 days fully loaded, camping, cooking, etc.?

4) Would you pull a BOB trailer or similar?

Thanks for any feedback. My wife would probably strangle me if I told her I wanted to buy a touring bike now
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