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Originally Posted by rccardr View Post
Even 125 is OK to take a 130 axle. Could be one of the dropouts is a little bent. No worries.
It's good to know that spreading the 125 to 130 hasn't been a problem. I think that'll be the direction I go on my ST400.

Originally Posted by rccardr View Post
Anybody who wants replacement Suntour freewheels, Cyclone RD's or Accushift downtube shifters for these bikes, let me know. I have a bunch of them, yours for the cost of postage.
Could've uses a freewheel a week or so ago but I ended up buying a 'Mega Range' Shimano Hyperglide freewheel in 7 speed to replace the original 6 speed. I've got my fingers crossed that the RD will handle the 34T low gear on it.

On a side note... Anybody with one of these late 80's ST400 frames find them a bit odd. I mean the frame is all decked out 'touring' ready with double eyelets front and back, lowrider mounts on the fork, long chainstays. But yet it's outfitted with a double crank with 52/42 rings. And I'm looking at the clearance after mounting only 25mm tires on the stock 27" rims thinking fenders would be a SQUEEZE, if they fit at all.

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