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For me the suspension fork on the hybrid is a big YES.

I bought mine (Specialized Crosstrail Sport) and listened to the LBS salesman (a knowledgeable guy) explain that I would want to use the suspension on trails, but lock it out on the pavement for efficiency. Check. I rode approximately my first 500 miles that way.

Then one day I unlocked it for a gravel with potholes area and forgot to lock it out for the ride home over country roads - eureka. It was a huge increase in comfort for the ride - fewer jolts to the seat, less buzzing to the hands and wrists through the handlebars, etc. It makes no difference over glass-smooth new asphalt but over older roads, chip seal, rough shoulders, etc it is great and I haven't locked it out since.

Note that I originally bought the bike for exercise so if I burn a few extra calories because of my flexing suspension and extra weight of the fork it's all to the good. I have a rack, trunk bag, fenders, kickstand, and today I rode it to the gun club and back with panniers plus two revolvers and 300 rounds of ammunition - I'm not worried about the weight of the fork, especially when, for me, the increased quality of ride makes it well worth it.

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