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Interesting the different opinions on this. I'm a 3rd year engineering major. I don't need to review high school physics, and I never said I "im moving slow now, i want to go fast, so Ill shift to a high gear and it will make me go faster."

Sometimes, if I'm on flat land, I just like to get to top speed without letting off to shift. I've been doing this ever since I learned how to ride a bike, on at least 10 different "mountain" bikes and never ever had a problem until this Rockhopper. This is kind of irrelevant anyway, because even if I'm already moving at a pretty brisk pace and want to then accelerate even more, it will still skip. Anytime I'm putting even moderate power through it in that gear, at any speed, it's been known to skip. It has less than 1000 miles on it and I feel like I'm getting the runaround. Several people I know all do the same with their mountain bikes, just leave them in high gear around town on flat surface streets and when we get to the gravel park trails with lots of hills then the shifting starts. The derailleur has been adjusted multiple times by at least 3 different people and it's always shifted flawlessly.

Of course the alternative is if you're so damn powerful that starting out in top gear seems like a good idea to you, then you might just be flexing your rear triangle so much that it throws the chain. Perhaps previous bikes were beefier back there.
I'm not powerful at all. I'm under 140 lbs and I don't have any sort of strength or muscle training.

I'm kind of ready to just start throwing parts at it. I figured I would start with a chain, and if that doesn't work, a new small rear sprocket (can I buy one or do I need a whole new set?).
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