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^ "I know I wont have the money to get it fixed until well into summer because I Have to save all of my money for a flight I have to make in August."

Anyway, I took it there at the end of last season. He said that they could fix it, but that they'd want to replace the headset first and then repack it to eliminate that as a problem(which is clearly isn't), and that that would be, like, $30 plus labor. It was like I was talking to a shady auto mechanic. Then I think he said $100 or something to straighten the fork. No thanks. That was the third experience I've had with them in the past couple years, and every one is of that same nature. I won't even go on about the punk/emo kid that was working in the shop loudly talking about all the girls he's gotten with. I Really don't understand why some of you guys are so keen on YJ other than their cheap tubular tires. The other vintage-y type shop I called today, Revolution, said they could fix it for much less, but I'm really looking for a way to do it myself. Again, I don't have any cash to get it fixed for a while. I'll just have to ride another bike if it comes down to it.
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