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Banana Cannondale

1987 Cannondale ST400

Came to me 100% original but in a neglected state. I'm pretty sure that the chain was lubed with feces so it got removed with gloves and discarded. I didn't even bother with the scrap metal bucket. The tires looked good but I didn't want to take any chances with 24 year old rubber.

Basically stripped it down to bare frame. Cleaned and polished. Replaced bearings all around. New tires, tubes, cables/housing, brake pads, bar wrap, chain, freewheel. Swapped the seatpost with a setback version. Swapped the seat with a titanium Flite. Swapped the pedals with Speedplays. Actually just borrowed the Speedplays for the inaugural ride which should be tomorrow.

I think it looks pretty good... as long as I don't look to close at my bar wrap job or the cable housing. I think I cut the rear a few inches too short. Oh well... it works.


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