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Originally Posted by KonAaron Snake View Post
Can anyone comment on how the Rolls rides compared to a B-17?
A Rolls rides very much like a Turbo, which, to me, is probably the most comfortable saddle one can ride for short trips.

However, once I started getting into long distance riding (I've been doing randonneur distances since 2005), neither a Turbo, nor my other favorite (Selle Italia Flite Trans Am) would cut it for me. I think the reasons B-17s are favored by randonneurs are width (170 mm), smoothness of the saddle surface (stitching on saddles really can get to your back side after many miles), as well as the tendency of the leather to conform to your sit bones once it's broken in. The down side is the tendency of (some modern) Brooks saddles to continue to sag and become "butt axes."

After a lot of trial and error, I've finally landed on a saddle that works wonderfully for me on long distance rides -- the Avocet O2 Air 40M (the men's wide version). About 160 mm wide, and just the right firmness. Don't know that it comes in white, however.

But, boy, when it comes to saddles, your mileage may vary . . . .
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