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Originally Posted by Artkansas View Post
You've probably seen the latest Youtube rage. A small enthusiastic new bicyclist.

But what made me pause was an interview, where the Mom said that it took him over a month to master bicycling.

At that age, I had taught myself the basics on a borrowed Schwinn Pixie in a couple of hours.

Are modern bicycles more difficult to ride?
Give the kid a break! Obviously his forte is speech writing or inspirational lectures. How where you at that age doing those things?
Kids are different, they all progress at different levels. My 4, apart from looking alike, are 4 completely different beings. You can't compare them, I know it is a temptation for those who never had children, or for those who are new parents, but they are amazing creatures and will never cease to impress and inspire you. Let them be who they are, and encourage them in whatever they decide to be*. (*obviously responsibly).

That kid is a hoot, he has given me a knew phrase: "I am happy on myself!" That video is going to be used as a coaching tool, it is truly inspiring.

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