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I would add that, in addition to not being very available on the road, freeze dried meal tend to be expensive. We always found them to feed half as many people as the package says which makes them even more expensive.

Their main claim to fame is that they are light weight and keep well. This may be a huge plus on a mountaineering trip or a backpacking trip where resupply is very infrequent, but on a bike tour I suspect that most of us probably never need to carry more than a few days of food at a time.

I have carried them as an "emergency meal" and they served pretty well in that regard, but so would most of the food I usually carry. That said, there is no way I would want to eat a steady diet of them on a long tour. I do like freeze dried veggies and use them when available.

Not really on topic to the original question, but I will mention that it is worth eating well when on tour. It is part of enjoying the tour. I like to eat fresh foods often when I can. Adding a bag salad and a bottle of wine to that makes the meal much more enjoyable.
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