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A breakfast of quick oats and peanut butter is fast and filling. It's easy to carry. Trail mix or granola bars for snacks also pack easily and provide fast nutrition on the road.

Pasta, rice and dried lentils all cook quickly and are easy to carry, although dried pasta is a bit bulky.

Fruit and vegetables are a little tricky. These foods are not bulletproof and if packed improperly, they will smear themselves all over the panniers, leaving a food smell insects and bears love. I'll look into dried vegetables as an alternative.

Protein is the hardest part. I've been using tins of ham or tuna, which is convenient for camping but also has a bit of a weight penalty. One can of tuna isn't that bad, but the weight becomes noticeable when carrying a few cans. Hard pepperoni and hard cheese could work, at least for a couple of days, but again I don't want to have something that will leave lingering odours and attract the bears.
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