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I recently saw a Viscount for sale here in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area CL for about $375 (I'm working for my alma mater for the summer). I've been trying to pick up a few bikes to take back to grad school because the pickings are a lot better here than in AL. I wouldn't have been interested in the bike for anything over $30 though. It need too much work. I'm pretty new to fixing up bikes and all, but I still do my research to get an idea of a fair price. It really does seem that people think that just because a bike is old it's a priceless antique. I find myself constantly telling people that their asking price is way too high, the bike was produced in the thousands (if not tens-of-thousands), and that if I payed them what they wanted any money I used to make it ridable again would like flushing it down the toilet. All is not lost though, I'll be checking out a Faggin (Fah-zeen) Italian road bike this weekend. It's got a fair price on it and has good potential if it has no major problems.
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