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roll up your pants! good story...

a story...

i helped my roommate build his fixie. it's pretty sweet. he likes it. he is new to it. 'roll up your pants' i told him. 'if you get your pants caught in the chain, your life will turn to hell' i told him. he rolled them up the first day. then he stopped. 'your going to pay' i told him. he didn't roll them up. a month passes, he's getting good at the whole thing. refuses to learn how to skip stop, but whatever, his choice, he's got a front brake. so a couple of days ago, i see him getting ready to go. 'i can't believe you have not gotten your pants caught in the chain yet' i tell him. 'actually i have' he says. 'just little tugs, is all' 'it has grabbed just a little then lets go, leaving a few holes'. he is wearing gym sweats. pretty wide legged gym sweats. i look at them and marvel that he hasn't gotten the things caught in the chain and come to a crashing stop in the middle of a philly intersection. anyway... later that day he tells me a story... he was riding down the bike trail on the schuykill... and blam! off came his pants. completely off. they were those ones with the buttons down the side. completely sucked off. white legs flapping in the breeze. the chain had grabbed a hold and sucked them off and then spit them onto the pavement. a moment of uncertainty as to what he had underneath passed in his mind as he realized that he still had shorts on underneath... and another check of witnesses revealed just one person who saw it. she was doubled over in laughter trying to tell her boyfriend next to what happened...
i would pay money to have seen this in person...
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