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I have a 28" unicycle. The longest ride I have done on it was a 10 mile loop around White Rock Lake. Basically, riding a 20" unicycle is like walking, and riding the 28" is like walking fast. So it's faster, but not a bunch. With that in mind, if I was going to do a 25 mile road stretch, I would definitely get a 36" and get real good on it first. (I read of guys doing 15mph on them, and that involves really spinning fast, so I'm not sure I could do it.) On my 10 mile ride, I stopped about ever mile to rest my butt, and had major problems remounting, as I wasn't that good at freemounting the larger unicycle (sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't), and there was never a post or sign in the right spot- they were all off in the grass. Oh, and get a smaller unicycle for riding around the neighborhood- 24" mountain style sounds like fun.
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