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Originally Posted by aprevo15 View Post
i have a cannodale quick 6 which is use for commuting. yesterday morning on my way to work i got a flat on my front tire. i don't recall running over any glass or nails. it just went flat. i'm sure i ran over something.

this morning i got a flat on my rear tire. i had a flat on the rear tire on the first day i bought this bike (month and a half ago) so at the time i changed the tube with a heavy duty one. well this morning i ran over a pot hole and it went flat.

i have put around 1000 miles on these tires. my commute is 28 miles round trip and before i bought my road bike, i used this bike to go on 60+ mile rides on weekends. so is it about time i change the tires? the road to my work is really bad. its rough asphault (spelling) and a lot of pot holes. the rail road tracks are terrible too.
Yeah, I'd say it's time for a new set. Get some Specialized Armadillos, Continental Gatorskins or Schwalbe Marathon Plus' and your flat-stress is pretty much over. Commuting/utilitarian tire needs are completely different from recreational/casual requirements. The idea is to eliminate as many variables in terms of commute delays as is humanly possible.

In the last five years I've had exactly 2 full-stop road emergencies. Both of them were rear tire/tube punctures. No mechanicals such as a broken chain or cable as I do my own maintenance and stay on top of all the necessary lube/adjustment requirements. Not bragging just pointing out the advantages of investing in top notch equipment starting w/a solid bike and then keeping up w/t comp wear.
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