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If you can go about your daily routine like anyone else, and see an opportunity - a machine, bulk food, whatever - and your first thought is "Wait, I don't have any way to get this home!", then you need more cargo capacity.

With an Extracycle, I could swing by the Costco's and pick up bulk groceries. If it fit in the cart, it would go on the bike.

With the new bike, not so much, but it's still a very healthy hauling capacity. I can make a substantial shopping trip or haul fans, computers, whatever.

With a standard bike, I had to plan my trips around my cargo capacity. "We need a flat of bottled water. (We live in New Orleans and the water tastes awful.) I can get a great deal on 35 bottles, and that's really how much we need. But I can only carry 12 bottles of name brand, costs almost as much as 35 bottles, but i'll get it. And that means i'll have to go without bread today. But i'll need another flat of water tomorrow too, so.. hmmmm.."
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