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Hay Weller I just noticed that you are new here so welcome aboard. Sorry if I came across rather harsh. I think the late model 1980-1989 Centurions are great bikes. I am a bike flipper and have sold over two dozen Centurions. I have sold all the mint condition one for well over $300. I sold them all except one that was so rusted that it had very little paint left on it.I striped the remaining paint from the frame and took a file to it to get rid of all the pitted rust. I filled all the dings with boddy filler and primed and painted it all with auto paint. I have a original 1987 Serotta 7/11 bike so I painted Centurion to look exactly like it right down to the 7 speed Dura-Ace components.
I paid $100 for that rusted ,corroded Centurion site unseen. That was a extreme case of getting carried away with a project. If I saw a super nice stock Ironman for $160 and it was my size and I needed a bike to ride I would grab it. Change the cables even if they look good. It makes a big difference. If you get the bike post some pictures.

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