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I love my Xtracycle. I appreciate being able to haul two kids plus groceries. When luck has it, I don't have to use my van for a few weeks at a time (living close to downtown helps). I also pack food and a small propane grill for bike picnics. I used to tow a trail-a-bike (a tag-a-long) but those are not as fun for kids to sit on or for parents to steer, but a longtail is rigid and is much easier to steer. If you get one with a wide two-foot kickstand on it, that can really help as well. (I also own a short bike, besides, and it has a two-foot kickstand, which I find helps with a cargo or a kid trailer.)

Consider where you can store your bike, because it's not as easy to haul up stairs or fit in an elevator...or on a bus. Another possibility for more cargo is a bike trailer, which might be more convenient if you don't want to tote kids around.

I have an expanded discussion on bike trailers on my blog.
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