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Here's my website:

I've done four 1200 km randonnees ... that's 1200 km in less than 90 hours including all breaks. Those are long rides ... the longest I've done so far.
-- Rocky Mountain 1200 (Canada):
-- Paris-Brest-Paris 1200 (France):
-- Great Southern Randonnee 1200 (Australia):
-- Last Chance Randonnee 1200 (US):

However if we're talking a day, a 24-hour time period, the greatest distance I've covered was 462.4 km (287.3 miles) on the UMCA 24-hour Time Trial.

All up I've ridden 154 rides of 100 miles or longer, so far.
-- CENTURY -- 87
-- 200K ------ 27
-- 300K ------ 16
-- 400K ------ 12
-- 600K ------- 7
-- 1000K ------ 1
-- 1200K ------ 4

Somewhat more recently, however, I lost my fitness completely when I developed DVT on a flight to Australia in 2009, and spent 2 weeks in hospital and then a year on Warfarin. It has been a slow process to rebuild my fitness levels. Since then, 300K (just about a double century) is the longest I've managed. We (my husband and I ride together), have attempted two 400Ks in the past 2 years, but have not been successful. We've ended them at about 300K. So, we're building up again slowly. This year, we're aiming to do a CAM challenge (CAM = Century-A-Month. At least one 100 mile ride in each month of the year), and so far we've completed 6.

I guess then, in answer to your question, a 300K would be a long ride for me right now.

But it does kind of depend on the type of ride. We did a very challenging 100 km ride on the weekend that ended up being like 100 km of intervals, and I was feeling pretty wiped out by the end of that! I slept very, very well last night!!

Having said all that ... I started cycling "seriously" in 1990. My first ride was 2 miles and I had to take a break after the first mile. So it is possible to build up to long distances.

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