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Yes to both questions. Pro label can mean anything, example, KMart bikes were all branded "All Pro". My favorite in branding/marketing is the "Grand Touring" model. Several brands made Grand Touring models, most were not grand, and many were not touring bikes either. Marketing at its best. Anytime I see words like: "Grand (or Gran)", "Deluxe", "Sport", "Racing", I assume the bike is bottom end, and 99% of the time, it is.

In this case, you are looking at two good mid grade bikes, with undesirable frames, in mediocre condition.

At the $100 for the pair price, its a no brainer. Wheelsets are worth that. On top of wheelsets, you have all of the components of course, and 105 is a good level. I would probably go as high as $150 for the pair ($75 each). As keepers, I would use these two as donors, and find some nicer frames. In the interim, clean them up really well, polish the frames, do the basic service, and ride them.

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