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Originally Posted by abdon View Post
To me riding 50 miles every weekend is not as impressive as jumping say from 10 to 20.
Why is that? I just experienced this myself, and I am a little surprised. I basically picked up biking again in mid-may. 3 weeks ago I struggled to even complete 30 miles and that was a monumental effort. I set up a plan so that I would hit a 35 this month, 40 in July, 45 in August, and finally hit 50 in September.

But then I went biking yesterday and just decided "to hell with it" and did 57. Today, besides the sunburns, I barely feel like I made any monumental exercising effort yesterday. I just feel... normal. I expected to feel dead, but amazingly I feel far better than I did even after the 30 mile trip 3 weeks ago. I'm feeling so good I'm planning another 50+ next weekend!!
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