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Originally Posted by teresamichele View Post
when your body start going, "AAAAAAH!" and not in a good way.
There doesn't seem to be a consistent distance where I physically start going "AAAAAAH!", that all depends on how much I've been riding in the days prior, or what sort of terrain/weather/knuckleheads I've been dealing with on that ride, or just how I felt when I woke up that morning. Sometimes I can do a century and never feel any physical discomfort, sometimes 20 miles into my ride my knees or calves or ass starts going "AAAAAAH!"

However, I do find that after ~85 miles my concentration starts to falter, and I have to very conciously pay attention or else my brain starts going "AAAAAAH!" ...and not in a good way! This 85 mile threshold is pretty consistent too, regardless of whether it's been physically a Good or a Bad ride. Fortunately, because it's so consistent I can usually pre-empt it by just being aware of the symptoms. But it's almost funny how I always start getting less tolerant of idiots in the paceline right around the 85 mile point.
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