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Originally Posted by EddyR View Post
If I saw a super nice stock Ironman for $160 and it was my size and I needed a bike to ride I would grab it. Change the cables even if they look good. It makes a big difference. If you get the bike post some pictures.

I agree with Eddy In the fact that, this could be a great "for now" bike, till you get the cash saved to buy a better one, then, this could easily be used as a backup, whenever yours needs to go to the shop. The price is right too, those DSI's(Dave Scott Ironman's), seem to last forever...I know someone, who had one in the 80s, and still has it, and rides it from time to time. Maybe try offering a little less for it, like say $130, and see what the seller says? Might be able to get it for a little cheaper, and use the money saved, to get new comps for it?
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