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He said the my bp and pulse are low for a normal person, but not for a trained athlete (which I am not, just a commuter). BP of 117/59 with a pulse of 58
I know this is sacrilege, but I don't think I agree. Neither of those values is significantly outside the normal range of heart rates or blood pressures, at least not enough to say you would have trouble during exercise. Plenty of us, including myself, walk around with pulses at or lower than this, and blood pressures at these levels. If you're not experiencing problems during your day-to-day life, the problem isn't your resting values. Most people with truly chronic low bp's experience orthostatic hypotension.

How'd this guy diagnose an issue that only exists during hard exercise by looking at you while resting? It's be a much better test to put you on an erg and measure BP's at various work rates. Then, a failure of systolic blood pressure to rise with effort signals an issue. Diastolic rates should be constant, or fall very slightly.

Problems during exercise can't reliably be diagnosed at rest.
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