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He stated that my tunnel vision etc, could have been caused by a drop in BP due to exertion of exercise and decreased salt, or increased water (which flushes what salt you have out). Since in the 6 or 7 months of commuting it has only happened twice. EKG was normal and he is just being careful to make sure that my heart is ok. He does not believe that it is a heart related issue given my family history etc.. He is just being careful. If it was happening with more frequency he would be more aggressive.

I don't consider it an issue for me considering its frequency. I pushed through the ten miles to get home when I found myself in that condition.

BTW - Tadawdy according the American Heart Association low blood pressure is not a "condition" as high blood pressure is. There is only an accepted max BP before you get into high blood pressure. The AHA goes on to say that you should only worry about your BP if you are experiencing the problems that I experienced. Also my doctor is not the kind to order a stress test for something that happens rarely. If the frequency were higher I suspect he would order a stress test. Yes I agree with you about diagnosing a stress condition at rest. That is why he suggested that I keep my electrolytes up slightly to help balance my BP and then if it starts happening with greater frequency I should consult him further.
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