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Radios are illegal in the small races I do, and I think this is mostly to protect the little guys who can't afford radios or have no team leader with which to talk on a radio. Obviously a radio can be a big advantage- you can know who broke away, how far ahead they are, etc. and knowing these things can help you make the most effective strategy for the situation.

But I was thinking about it and I thought it would be interesting to see a pro race where radios were outlawed. It seems like the riders just take orders from the radio and execute attacks accordingly, but how would these guys react if it were up to their own decisions? In the end the race would be decided by the riders themselves, not some guy in a car.

How often do you think riders disagree with what their team leaders are telling them over the radio? These guys are competitors, so I have a feeling the heat of the moment would lead some of them to attacking at the wrong time or chasing down someone they shouldn't be chasing. I think it's more interesting when guys make mistakes and you can second guess strategies at the end. Then again, maybe these guys are more disciplined than I give them credit for and usually know when it's best to push and when it's best to conserve energy.

How often do guys actually do the opposite of what the radio tells them? Have you ever seen a race where a guy says, "The guys in the car told me to stay back, but I felt like it was the right time to attack so I went for it"? Or would something like that get a guy kicked off the team?
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