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Originally Posted by Dannihilator View Post
How have things been?
Lurking and jumped back on here a bit because I broke down and got a Droid with unlimited data. Now I can harass youse from the field. Gotta be careful with this smartphone on these forums because with an auto login and a touchscreen I could be banning members and not know it.

Last coupla years I have been painfully underemployed in the construction biz. Funny how having to hustle work takes a lot more time and energy than doing a steady gig.

My son will be out here end of July and we'll be headed to British Columbia to ride our asses off.

Looks a bit slow here at BF, at least in MTB. Same group of knuckleheads keep populating this place. Seems pretty civilized, though. I'm sure Doug is practically bored silly for lack of 'characters' posting here.

I have lotsa good memories of hanging out here and making cyber friends, even Ed.
"I tell you, We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you any different." - Kurt Vonnegut jr.
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