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You know it used to be like that, there was great racing action too.

Now all the DS have Tv's in the cars, watching the live feed from the helicopters, as soon as someone attacks, or is in trouble they all see it and send orders immediatley. The racers are becoming more and more just order takers.

Banning radios in amateur ranks is probably due to saftey reasons. I can see it now, all these sketchy cat 4 and 5's trying to key the mike with one hand, and slamming on the brakes to take a 26mph corner at 17 with the other hand.

What the heck are they going to talk about anyways, most are completely on the rivet the whole time, any attempts to move up quickly or organize will probably cause a crash. Same reason they don't allow bottle of food handups. You would be putting peoples health and safety at risk just so you can look like a pro from the neck up.
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