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Originally Posted by Mithrandir View Post
Today, besides the sunburns, I barely feel like I made any monumental exercising effort yesterday. I just feel... normal. I expected to feel dead, but amazingly I feel far better than I did even after the 30 mile trip 3 weeks ago.
I've fallen down stairs and dropped full weight on my left ankle twice. The first time I was down for 2 weeks. The second I was walking on it 10 minutes later, and it made a really loud CRACK when I landed: my dad heard it from the next room and came to see if I broke it.

Don't discount what your body can do. Endurance increases with muscle capacity and with the ability to heal from fatigue. I can't go full-force for any good length of time; but on flat ground around 12-15mph, I can just go forever. With hills, I can rag along after the hills have drawn me out, and then--while biking, albeit at 6-9mph on level ground--recover and begin working again. I am weak, but my body has learned that biking is an essential skill like walking--running will wear me out, but walking is a thing that can be done until sleep is needed.

Also, re sunburns, have you learned to disable the pain reaction yet? I tend to completely ignore sunburn, because I hardly notice, because it's been marginalized and so my brain automatically shuts the pain off by reflex.
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