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Hmm, I've done 35 centuries. But after so many it gets to the point where it's just another ride so I test myself on a century with 10,000-12,000 ft. Riding a century is a walk in the park once you get to that level. I just got tired of wasting 6 hours of my day to do them. The year I did 23, it seemed like more riding than home life.

I did include my wife into my rides after that year which makes it nice. We hold the distance down to 40-55 for her pleasure. Her furthest is 84 a few times. To her 60 is the point of WHY?? and for me, 70 miles. But keeping in mind, once I hit 70, I eat something then I'm just as good at 80 as I am at 30 with proper fuel and hydration. So even the 70 I know isn't much of a barrier from past century experiences. It's a normal thing to get tired at that point, then recover. I've done 126 max and even that didn't feel much different from 70.

I plan to do double centuries sometime in the future but riding with the wife, she's not going to want to do 7 hour training rides every weekend. So I'll wait till she fills the need to back off from riding. But she's been riding for 12 years and "very" consistent over the last 5 and getting better so it may be a while.
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