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Originally Posted by zandoval View Post
I have tried shimming bike parts with soda cans and copper - They failed when used in high pressure areas - For example both copper and aluminum shims will squeeze out of a crank/spindle like liquid - But I have successfully used Al & Cu shims on seat posts and handle bars...
This isn't high pressure, I think a previous comment implied there are .015 inches of clearance between the HT and the upper cup. NOT tight, not even in contact!

If this upper cup can be made to sit in place correctly and securely, the races are good, you keep it clean and greased inside, and the headtube does not need to be faced and reamed, an NR should last the rest of the life of the bike if you don't let it sit a long time after beng out in a rainstorm.

They're getting really hard to replace, in quality with smooth races top and bottom. Especially bottom. Don't just trash it. At least pass on the good parts to another vintage freak, by selling it here, on CR, on Ebay, or on the Serotta forum.
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