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Defective Kenda Nevegal UST?

I've just spent 2 hours jacking with a brand new Kenda UST Nevegal tire on two different front wheels - an XT and a Race Lite. Have run Nevegals on front for years with the Small Block Eight on the year.

Am i missing something here? When i spin the wheel i get a serious hop to the left on both wheels. Both wheels are 99.99% completely true. I even took an old Felt Stock UST tire and put it on both wheels just to make sure and it spins straight as a pin.

I can pump the pressure up to 50psi max and take away a lot of the hop but as i get down to the 30PSI level it gets worse and worse.

Two questions.

1. Anyone else ever have this issue with a tire right out of the box?
2. I'm losing faith in the nevegal as a front tire. Any thoughts on replacement (Crossmax, etc.?)..

Thanks in advance.
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