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American culture is determined by corporate America. The auto and gas interests are among the most powerful. When a more pedestrianized society is in their interests then we will have one. Until then, we're pretty much stuck with the automobile culture. On the bright side, however, many communities have developed pedestrian malls. The opposition to them is purely economic. If a merchant can be convinced he will not lose business or increase business, he will be for the development of a pedestrain mall. In the USA, profit is paramount, quality of life secondary. Many people confuse the two. Money = quality of life is what most people in a consumer society believe. This belief is promulgated by corporate American and their henchmen in congress. People who see the quality of life in terms of the nature of daily experience with an eye to the aesthetic appreciation of their activities and their environment have only a tiny voice, but at least they have a voice that can sometimes be heard. While there is no reason to be optimistic until they way people think changes, one can take comfort in living in such a way that promotes a truly higher quality of life. The more we ride bicycles, the better off we and the society we live in will be.
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