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Originally Posted by rhm View Post
Wow, those are very old.

The Racycle is an interesting bike for lots of reasons; a lot of its components were top-notch equipment for the day, years ahead of its time. The strangest thing about it is that someone posted a while back that he'd found a Racycle chain ring --the piece that is missing from yours-- in the woods. I think that was in upstate New York.

A year or two back an antique dealer near me had a Racycle in very good shape (much better than yours) that he tried to auction off on Craigslist. I believe the best price he could get was $400. So yours is presumably worth quite a bit less than that.
Thanks for the heads up on this topic RHM!

Yes, that was me. It's a massive skip tooth ring that presumably only manly men could turn over. I believe, if I remember correctly, the forum identified it as around 1908.

Carly, considering their age, they are in remarkable shape for being in the woods. However, the rarity of parts missing and in need of replacement is going to severely hurt the value as already pointed out.

When you figure out what you want to do with one/both, drop me a message. Thanks for sharing pictures of a real woods find...it's neat to see the bike that would have probably been attached to the crank I found

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