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I'm 56. I dealt with prostrate issues from around 2000 to 2003, not sure why it got better, thought it was the mega bike mileage over a 10 year period when I was racing. I ended up on a recumbent for 3 years or so, then discovered Brooks saddles, then found some cheap Sellas that worked. In the interim, I had gained weight, so am fighting that. I have a torn bicep tendon and clavicle impingement in the R shoulder that keeps me from swimming (I'm a better swimmer then cyclist). I had a bad ankle sprain last May as well as a fracture of the 3rd metatarsal on the L foot as of 3 weeks ago.

In other words, I've always been prone to injury and my work (stagehand) is physical and I get hurt a lot.

I fight through it, cause I'm a cyclist. I deal with the time off required to heal, while looking forward to resuming my activities. I recognize that I can no longer backpack and hike much, which I did a lot of into my 30's, due to a disc causing nerve issues in my feet, as well as multiple ankle sprains over the decades that left my ankles on bad shape. Oh and I have a rash on my butt, a version of athletes foot that I've been fighting since last Sept and that at times made riding uncomfortable till I found a treatment that keeps it in check and allows 2 hr rides and maybe this summer will allow a break-thru to longer 50-70 milers and hopefully the centuries I used to love.

I fight thru it, as I have a love for cycling that I discovered it 23 seasons ago. I will not give up this activity and still plan on grand adventures - Italy, the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal trail, The Bon Ton Roulet some year. I use these as goals to train and ride and keep active. I have riding buddies that share my goals and we help each other thru the injuries - that's very important, to have friends that share your interests and goals.

If I have to I will resort, at age 85, to riding my touring bike, which by then will be the only bike I own, and do short loops around town, or wherever the wife will let me, knowing that I forget things and get lost.

I will fight thru it and enjoy riding my bike as it's a freedom like no other.

EDIT: I wrote this last night and thought about it today and realized that I only suffer injuries, with no major ailments or the dreaded Big C, so am incredibly lucky, while being incredibly injury prone. As a BTW, I went over the h-bar this morning on a solo road ride, while staring up at a light, behind some cars, my F wheel goes into a crack and over I go. My helmet did the Bell Ringer off the pavement and now I know what that means (cracked the helmet as well). Some road rash, a sore neck, otherwise OK. Thus in many way's my injuries as well as the mental attitude to get thru them, pale when dealing with a cancer diagnosis, or heart issues, lung, kidney, you name it. I may well have that in the future and possibly I'll have the mental toughness to deal with it like all the other crap that happens to me. Knock, knock.


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