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I'll be 65 this October and here is my story. In Oct, 2005, I took an insurance company physical because I was getting quite a large policy and passed with flying colors. In Sept, 2006 I went to my primary physician for my annual physical. I was not riding at this time, retired and hadn't done any exercise since I had to quite marshal arts in my 40's due to a bad back injury. I was always feeling tired but attributed that to my couch potato lifestyle. I took my physical and blood test and at the time of the physical, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health. No cardiac or pulmonary problems, no high blood pressure, just a extra tire that I was carrying around my waist that he wanted me to lose through some exercise. The next day, he calls me back with the results of my blood work, which he never does, and gives me the news that my white blood cells are through the roof, over 200,000 per micro liter (should be no more than 11,000 per micro liter).

That was the good news! After I saw a hematologist in October, I was given the diagnosis of having Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML). I was put on a medication called Gleevec, that costs around $85.00 per pill (I was taking 4 at first), and within three weeks my white cell count and dropped 85%. So, I was elated and then came the call from the hematologist wanting me to go and see a urologist. It seems that they did a PSA test and compared it to the PSA test from my primary physician. In October it was 2.2 in December it was 4.1. I make an appointment for the urologist in February and he does another PSA test and it's 6.5. Yep! The big C! All three of my doctors agreed that the PSA Velocity was quick because of the CML and no immune system. I would have got the prostate cancer eventually, but this was sooner than I had hoped.

After 5 weeks of 5 day a week radiation, brachytherapy (seed implants) and hormone shots every three months in the belly and hormone pills every day for three years, the prostate cancer is now gone. I had no choice but to take the radiation/hormone treatment because I couldn't get off of my Gleevec for the duration of the prostate surgery and recovery time.

On my 63rd birthday (yes, I was retired and did a stupid thing and went back to work), I come home and my wife says, "Get in the truck, we are going to pick up your birthday present." I'm thinking a big bar-b-q grill or something to do with food, and she directs me to a bicycle shop a few miles from the house. So that is how it got started, with a 2009 Giant Sedona ST.

My first day on the bike, I tried to do a mile and didn't quite make it. Got off the bike and my legs felt like jello. We had a bit of a cold winter so I didn't ride very much until the beginning of April of last year. By the end of April, it was too late .... I was addicted! I started doing club rides of 12 and 18 miles on Saturday mornings and going to a park about 4 miles from my house and doing 20+ miles. The park has a paved, 7 mile bike path with 3 extra miles of service road.

In July of last year, I gave my Sedona to my brother and bought the Cypress mainly for the club rides as the Sedona was a bit heavy when going over all the bridges that we travel. I was putting 10-15 miles a day on the hybrid riding in our neighborhood and at the park. Just for S & G's I started looking at road bikes, although I knew that I was not going to get one because I was too old to ride a road bike. Right! I got myself a road bike for my birthday and the rest is history. Since November, I have been riding 15-20 miles a day (due to work), 20-40 miles on the weekends and several 40+ mile rides, using both bikes. Since July of last year, I have ridden over 4,500 miles between both bikes. I did an MS 150 last month with a back-to-back 50 mile ride and felt better than I do when I do shorter rides. I wanted to do the century, but my doctor said not to push it. I've lost over 20 lbs of spare tire (down to 157 lbs) and I never feel tired unless I don't get much sleep at night. I have three metric century rides planned in the next few months and a 3 day, 210 mile Cross-Florida ride in November.

That's my story and I hope that I didn't bore you.
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