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Aspergillosis, more plainly known as a mold invasion. Mold gets into your lungs and spreads into the bloodstream. Dark, warm and wet, just the conditions mold likes. Picked it up from a steam bath place a friend and I went to on Friday nights, to relax and wash away the workweek. This was a real bear to deal with, and midway through the treatment, kidney cancer showed up. No doubt a result of the mold problems overwhelming my immune system. So, a partial kidney removal was needed. It's mostly behind me, except my immune system is so sensitive to fungus and mold that I can't eat any foods which contain them or byproducts of them. This means a lot of foods are on the no-no list. This I can deal with, only because I must.

Advice; STAY FAR, FAR AWAY from steam baths. bk
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