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Originally Posted by gear View Post
At the point during the race where Contador left Kloden, Contador had been struggling with Bruyneel and Armstrong's attempts to push Armstrong into the team leader position, when that failed they came up with (never before attempted) strategy of "filling the podium". ".
As I remember it, Armstrong was not even in contention for the stage being way back down the hill. He was maneuvering to make a break but in a way not drag the opposition with him. I personally doubt the story as Armstrong showed no brilliance or outstanding condition up to that point in the race and Bruyneel is no dummy given his record. What had been demonstrated was that Contador was a loner and was not going to listen to Bruyneel no matter what. It's not ok for the prema donna to take over from the team manager because he might feel bad.

However, assume it's true, then it's ok for a rider to decide not to be part of the team and an inexperienced one at that over rule the manager; especially one who's won tours with and with out Armstrong? Strange concept in my book. If the team was against him, could it be due to Contrador not being a team player and Bruyneel had to mange a team where he couldn't count on the strongest member doing his part?

Armstrong won his 7 tours in very large part to Bruyneel's strategies, tactics and team discipline.

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