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Originally Posted by AzTallRider View Post
Very lucky day for Andy... he crashes, finishes with Contador, but is given the time back due to the 3km rule.

And Al, you are one negative dude. If you are interested in a bet, I'll be happy to still take Contador. Andy will of course be riding his wheel relentlessly from here on out, but I think AC can drop him on enough climbs to make up most of the difference, then use the ITT for the rest.

Sad to see the race influenced so much by a spectator edging onto the course in the closing km's.
Negative? Is that because I disagree with you and therefore it must be due to some personality defect?

When Armstrong was brought to the ground by a spectator's food bag, he rightly blamed himself. A rider who is not situationally/Spectator aware is a risk to everyone as we saw today.

I don't bet. I have no idea at this point who will be in contention when it counts which is many miles away.

You would think Contador would have learned the first time he got caught in the back of a split peloton. The rest of the Astana team then was not. I guess Bruyneel must have taken the batteries out of Contador's radio or maybe it was Armstrong.

Stand by, Spain may protest

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