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Axle doesn't fit

So, after stripping out multiple axle nuts on my 58 Grand Prix I took a very close look at the threads on the axle and decided that the threads on the axle are quite worn. Simple fix I thought, put in a new threaded solid axle and be done. Not so. The dropouts on the old Raleigh are quite narrow and the OG axle has flat sides (probably why it's threads are dying) where the new axle does not.

Can I grind two sides (or one side) of a new axle flat and then chase the threads with the axle nuts or must I find a tap/die with the proper thread pitch? I DO NOT want to spread the dropouts (if it was a cheap bike, no big deal) so that option is out. The rear hub is a Racelite w/ a 4spd freewheel if that has any bearing on this.

Currently it works OK, but if I put any sort of OOMPH into it, the rear wheel shifts and party's over

Any other suggestions?
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