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I had a friend who had a friend who knew of a study. Right. These are called rumors.

Firstly, my doc tells me that EVERY MALE who does not die first of other causes will eventually get cancer of the prostate, which is a rather slow cancer. My step-dad has it and he is 93. It is only when it becomes non-slow-moving that they typically treat it. So, I guess you could find a correlation between just about every human function and prostate cancer. I.e., people who eat bananas get prostate cancer; people who drive cars get prostate cancer; people who ride bikes get prostate cancer. EVERYONE (male) gets prostate cancer.

Secondly, the very best way to keep your prostate healthy is to use the prostate. It was designed for a funtion, and using it for that function keeps it in good shape.

I would be really interested to see this study.
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