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Originally Posted by jdon View Post
The shuttle program cancellation is another sad story. Florida needs some good news darn it!
The CA murder story is just another example of Florida being Florida. And the end of the shuttle program is not necessarily bad news. Pres. Bush set it to end back in 2004 after the Columbia crash. His plan was to finish building the ISS, then end the shuttle program and move on to Constellation. Congress and NASA did a terrible job of managing Constellation, and Pres. Obama killed it in 2009 after a thorough review showed that there would be a minimum 7-year delay after shuttle and before the first manned Constellation launch, unless they massively ramped up the spending. Obama correctly decided to let the commercial companies work on sending men into low earth orbit, while NASA should focus on bigger things.

The shuttle program ended up costing about $1.5 billion per launch, which is enormously expensive. The unmanned space program, Hubble, Chandra, Cassini, etc., has been so spectacularly successful that it become hard to justify manned space exploration. I'm torn about which way to go. Let's hope that whatever comes next, it at least is done correctly.
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