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Hi, I'm a new member and just came across this thread. I have a Miele Gara Road Issue bike as well, with all of the original components. It looks very similar to the pictures posted above, although mine has not yet been cleaned up (needs a new chain, tires, basic tune-up; some scratches from moving & use, but only cosmetic). I would like to sell this bike because it's just a tad too large for me, making my ride unbalanced & more strenuous than necessary. I've checked various Craigslist postings around the USA and Canada, only to find no listings or very few listings with a wide range of selling prices (mainly in the Toronto area).

Does anyone have more information on the value of this bike in the West Coast market? It seems to be an extremely well made bike, though definitely outdated for top quality. I'm not into the vintage bike scene, and would love to sell this bike to someone who may have a fondness for older road bikes &/or Miele's. Any help will be greatly appreciated, ie - if you sold one recently, what did it sell for? If you are in the market to buy one, what would you be willing to pay?

I noticed also a conversation about the serial numbers for the Miele bike's (the lack thereof). Anybody interested in collecting data from mine?

Thank you for the help and sharing your knowledge with a newbie!
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