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Not that I know, but I think hitting on potentials must be much harder for gay folks. If you ask someone of the opposite gender who isn't interested, the absolute worst you'll get is a repulsed look and a brush off. Gay folks probably have to contend with the "why did you hit on me" issue with the risk of the askee wanting to defend their different preferences with a fist fight. Back in high school, a guy asked me if I were interested in him (one of the last questions I ever expected from this particular fellow). Fortunately, I think I did the best thing - I thanked him for his interest but explained that I wasn't interested. I think it was the best thing, because we remained friends afterwards.. Thinking back on the incident, I'm astounded that he had the courage to even ask such a thing at that time and in that place. Since it was probably difficult then, it probably still is..
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