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Hi Paul,
went through the same thing myself a year ago. Couple of thoughts, first, cross training works great. Start with an *easy* schedule, say 3 times a week. My easy schedule is like this, Tuesday-easy aerobics and weight training for legs and back. Thursday is moderate aerobics and arms/stomach. Saturday is for riding or a spin class in winter, or hiking. Limit yourself to 30-35 minutes in the gym to start. Allow a couple extra minutes every week or two.
Now, here's the bit that will really knock your socks off. Get 'The Heart Rate Monitor Book for Outdoor and Indoor Cyclists' by Sally Edwards and Sally Reed. There is a logbook you need to get with it. This is the best training aid I have ever seen. You'll need a heart monitor, but
a cheap Polar will do the trick (you can even find them used on the internet)
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