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Definitley start with an easy schedule. Dont over do it the first week or two. I over worked myself after a 6 month haitus, i passed out on the sidewalk. I woke up 5 mins later. Thank god, no one stole my bike.

Id say start off easy with 30 mins every other day. I just biked 30 mins everyday and upperbody work outs( situps, crunches, etc, etc). Not to mention dieting. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Why excercise if you are going to down chicken wings.

I worked my way up to 1-2 hrs of biking every day (depending on the weather) lots of upperbody workouts (200 situps, crunches, and 100 pushups) I cut carbs to a mininum, no fats, fry foods, sugars or fast food. Lots and lots of fruit. Whenever i get hungry, i eat several pieces of fruit. 3 months later, im down 25lbs, with more muscle, and less 4 waist sizes.
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