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Originally Posted by MattP.
So did you really go to the airport and they told you this?
They never said that to me, I was just mimicking you know. The thing is I used to tour with 2 panniers only so there was no problem with one rear pannier in the cabin (but my gear already over weighted 5 kilo, so I had to pay the fine). But this time I'm going with 4, I put as much as I can in a duffel bag that when bust to the seams it looks pretty big, but still within the size limit, I'm just worrying that they will weight it then and tell me to pull some stuff out.

Originally Posted by koffee brown
I since changed bags and now have a carry on backpack that carries all that stuff, but I can cinch the bag shut with the straps on the side and really compact it to look like next to nothing, so I don't get stopped anymore for having a bag that looks too big (I used to carry it all in a duffel bag).
Yeah, like a compression bag, good idea, I can strap some bungees to the duffel bag and make it look smaller, good, think I'll be able to pass with no problem, we'll see.

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