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If You Were Going to Have a CV Replica Frame Built for You what would you ...?

If you were going to ask a frame-maker to build a replica road racer, or something close to a replica of a classic CV road frame, what candidates would appeal to you?

By replica, I don't mean to be so strict and demanding as to spend a fortune on the last boxed set of special 531 on the planet, or spending five years hunting down lugs. What I am thinking of is the best approximation of what is feasible, practical ... without getting obsessive. Besides it has to be affordable.

It seems to me that you need the following:

* A frame-maker you can trust.

* A supply of lugs that come close to providing the original angles.

* A suitable tube set.

* Drawings, or at least a pattern bike to copy or come approximately to the original geometry.

Reasons for asking:

(a) Just interested

(b) I am hankering for a bigger frame than my 54 Trek 560. And I want to recycle all the parts I have on the Trek. But, I am having trouble justifying buying a vintage 56 size due to the increased prices in vintage frames, plus the increase in international shipping, the cost of repainting. Besides, I am just not finding what I want.

If I add all the expenses up in getting a nice, vintage frame made from 531, Columbus, Vitus 172, or a swell flavour of Tange to my door, and I'm well into the cost of what a local maker will charge me to build one for me. And it will be rust free (duh), straight, no surprise dings, drilled holes etc. And it will be built exactly to my body proportions. The tubing can be anything I supply, but Mr Matsumoto uses Ishiwata — I think.

I was thinking of using my 56x56 Vitus 979 for a pattern. I have the brochure with all the angles. Of my three road bikes, it fits me best and proportionally has the longest head tube ... which seems to be part of my fit. It's stable on the road, and unlike my 56x54 Simplon, I don't have to nearly fall of the bike to dismount. In addition, it will be a tad lighter than my 560 in 501 Reynolds. And it will have the triangle, stays and forks made from the same tubing.

Oh ... one last thing. This would be a C&V bike ... 126 mm stays spread, 6-7 speed cluster, braze on friction shifters, brazed lugs, horizontal drop-outs, quill stem, bell and ring BB. Apart from aero brakes, strictly old school.

So what would you build? And any suggestions?
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