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I am mostly in the "here is my favorite bike, just this shape but with these lugs, those brazeons, that finish" camp. In my case my Maruishi Emperor. Rides fantastic, but stamped dropouts and 1020 tubes. I am sure that tubing would make a difference in the ride, so I would be willing to go for non butted 531, or just better chromoly. I have been considering this, but its a few mor piggy banks away.

but if I had lots of bread, I would have a reproduction of the Richard and Nicholas Crane
Journey to the Centre of the Earth bikes made.
From the site.

The bikes were tailor-made, built to the highest specification by Raleigh. Gerald O'Donovan master-minded the project at his Specialist Bicycle Development Unit at Ilkeston, which has also produced the winning Tour de France team bikes.
Frames. The geometry was based on that used for the toughest professional races, e.g. the Paris-Roubaix, with a lengthened wheelhase, softer angles (74o seat tube, 73o head tube) and increased rake. Together these give a smoother, less ,twitchy' ride. The tubing was TI Reynolds 753 which is much in favour for professional racing because, although it is expensive, it offers the best strength-to-weight ratio; 753 is heat-treated manganese molybdenum steel which on our bikes was double-butted, top tube 24 gauge, down tube 23 gauge, i.e. the tube wall was about 0.5 mm thick in the middle and about 0.8 mm thick at the ends. The tensile strength is an impressive 80 tsi. The lugs, fork crown and bottom bracket were micro-fusion crushed steel (i.e. very fine-grained, precision cast) and all joints were silver-soldered. Each frame contains 20 worth of silver solder! The frames were hand-sprayed and stove-enamelled with five coats of paint in the Raleigh Team colours: pearl, red, blue and yellow. They had long Campagnolo rear dropouts, and bosses for bottle cage and a single (the rear) gear lever.

I was a little kid when they did this, and it was all I wanted to do myself. I might have a couple extra bottle cage mounts put on, but thats it.
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