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Front wheel contributes to instability. It decreases wind resistance.

Rear wheel contributes to stability. It decreases wind resistance by about 1/3 of what the front wheel does.

Select front wheel based on stability thoughts, like if you're going over 50 or 60 mph on a descent, if it's really gusty (30 mph gusts for example), etc. My two choices are non-aero (Ardennes rim) and aero (60 mm). The 60 is good until about 30-35 mph gusts in a crit, about 50 mph on a somewhat windy/gusty descent. The box is totally stable at 50-55 mph, which is about as fast as I've gone on them.

Rear wheel you select based on availability (i.e. do you own it) and weight. A taller wheel always makes your bike more stable. I used a disk wheel for a while, and I weighed 130-145 lbs. I have three heights rear wheel, box (Ardennes), 60mm, and 90mm. The 90 is a clincher and too heavy (at least 300g heavier without including the heavier tire/tube/strip combo) so I only use it for training. The 60 is my default race wheel so I use it a lot. I use the box section in rainy races as I've been too lazy to swap pads for wet weather for my 60.
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