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With a rear wheel you gain some stability. It's a stabilizing effect. I've raced in quite windy conditions with a rear disk, crits at a beachside ex-airfield, so dead flat and lots of wind.

Also, although rear wheels only help a little in head on or slightly head on winds, they really help in cross tailwinds. A cross-tailwind will really boost your speed if you have taller rims, like a disk rear or a 90mm or 100mm or TriSpoke/HED3. I've held 60 mph for a mile with a massive tailwind (Hurricane George in Florida, just before the "real" storm hit), limited only by my gearing. If I know a race is ending on a straight with a cross tailwind I'll use the biggest rear wheel I have, taking weight into account. I used to go to races with a slew of wheels in the car - Zipp 440s (pre-404s), Zipp 340s (pre-303s), sometimes a disk, box front 28H, TriSpokes (now HED3), all tubulars.

In general I try and use the tallest rear wheel I have. I actually want to get a Stinger9 (90mm) for the rear, using it mainly with a Stinger6 front, but not sure if that can happen. I thought I also wanted a Stinger4 front (40mm) for gusty races but after thinking it over I can use the Stinger6 in virtually all wind conditions I see in CT area.
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